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Likely reasons for post-massage stiffness

Stiffness after a massage, which could be a full body massage or of certain parts, can arise for various reasons. Style of massage: One of the reasons could be that your body is saying a particular style of massage is too intense for it. This is common with deep tissue massage. Thus, the stiffness is the body’s way of protecting itself.

Just as it would around injuries and dislocation; swell to prevent further damage and movement.Table quality: Quality of equipment and masseur is another likely reason your body is stiff after a massage. If the massage table is low quality and without bolsters or pillows, the body’s feedback is most likely going to be stiffness.

The condition could quadruple if the masseur did a shoddy job. Body type: Also some persons’ bodies are tougher than others, it could be that the masseur went too deep too quickly into your muscles and surrounding tissue, hence resulting in stiffness the day after.

Some persons’ bodies are tougher than others, know your body and do well to inform the masseur to avoid Psychology: The mind might be another reason for stiffness. If there is a past trauma, the mind can make the body respond in stiffness even to the most relaxing of massages. Above all, observe your body, understand it and you will be a few steps away from enjoying good sports massage.

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