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Can Deep Tissue Massage Cause Any Breakage Of Fascia

There are chances of injuries during sports, and massages are recommended to heal them more quickly. Deep Tissue Massages which are carried out on the feet addresses the scar tissue on the feet, and in turn, increases the circulation of blood and increases the healing effect. It doesn’t cause the breakage of fascia in any case, as fascia is one of the strongest and thickest layers of the feet.

Deep Tissue Massages do not cause any deformities or disruption of shape and texture of any tissue, as is believed and taught wrong in many places. When you give your feet longer hours of rest, say 8 hours after a night’s sleep, the scar tissue gets tightened up and builds up stronger. When we apply the whole weight of our body on the feet on waking up, it opens the healing tissue. This is the reason behind the feeling of breakage. Fascia is one of the most pervasive and least understood network on our body, and they are quite thick and strong. It’s important to ensure your therapist is properly trained and this is a good massage training course in Edmonton.

These sport massages do not contact the fascia directly, but by skin and nervous system. They send the reflexive realization signals via skin on to the brain from where signals are sent back to the body, and finally affect the fascia. Such an indirect contact do not cause any alteration of fascia or their breakage. Fascia is highly safe and they are made more healthier and stronger by deep tissue massages applied on feet.

Thus, deep tissue massages offer high relief from pain and stress without any breakage of fascia.

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